Locally owned and operated, Hyde Park Service has been serving the automotive needs of the Kansas City community for over fifteen years. Until now our advertising was strictly word-of-mouth. Our solid reputation and high standards for quality traveled through Kansas City one customer at a time.
Our red building is easy to spot.With our presence on the web we hope to make even more people aware of just how a locally owned business like Hyde Park Service can meet their automotive needs.

In 2013 we celebrate our 10th anniversary at our location one block east of Main Street, at the corner of 39th and Walnut Streets in midtown Kansas City, Missouri.

AAA Affiliation

We are proud to be a AAA-approved auto repair facility. To qualify for this recognition, Hyde Park Service underwent a thorough inspection by AAA administrators. AAA looked at our facility, training programs, ASE certifications, services offered, and our customer relations history.

As a AAA approved garage we offer you a complimentary maintenance inspection of your vehicle with every service, a written warranty, and ASE certified personnel that are as courteous as they are knowledgeable.

Being AAA approved is just another reason you can feel good about having the guys at Hyde Park Service repair and maintain your vehicle


Hyde Park Service is a member of NAPA, a nationwide organization of independent repair shops and garages. Through NAPA, the Hyde Park Service team keeps up to date with the latest training and information about your vehicle, from diesels to hybrids. So, while you’re enjoying your car or light truck, we’re hard at work studying to make sure you’re vehicle is safe, reliable and as fuel efficient as it can be.

Through NAPA we also have the latest parts information as close as our computer screen. This means that we can order your parts quicker from a wide variety of brand name companies.

As a NAPA member we are also able to offer our customers a coast-to-coast 12- month, 12000- mile warranty on most repairs. Ask us for more details when you call for service.

As a NAPA garage we also believe in educating our customers about their vehicles. In our customer area you’ll find many informative brochures on vehicle operation, service and repair. If you have any questions, just ask!!

Fleet Maintenance

In addition to the individual customer, Hyde Park Service can also help your business or not-for-profit agency maintain its vehicle fleet. Call and inquire about our generous terms and fast turnaround. We’ll keep your fleet rolling.

Hyde Park Service and the Environment

Our commitment to the protection of the environment is something we don’t joke about at Hyde Park Service. We recycle just about everything we use: office paper, cardboard, paperboard, steel, aluminum, tires–it’s all recycled–not put in a landfill. We wash your vehicle’s greasy parts in good old hot water, not harmful solvents. And your used motor oil, well, it fuels our furnace!

Our ozone-friendly a/c service equipment and techniques will keep you cool without releasing harmful gasses into the atmosphere.