Just who is Hyde Park Service?

Hyde Park Service is not just one person. It’s a collection of talented, dedicated, and highly-trained automotive professionals.


Boss Man

Founder and proprietor of Hyde Park Service, “Knobby,” or Tom has been an ASE- certified Master Auto Technician since 1987. Although his resume is quite diverse, fixin’ stuff has always been his greatest passion.
Quotable quote: “Like most English majors, I’m just happy to not be flippin’ burgers.”


A cheery lad

    Elliot is a local boy, having grown up in the neighborhood. He attended Lincoln High, and recently became a neighborhood homeowner. Like many other Hyde Park Service employees before him, Elliot comes to us from a non-automotive background: Sociology. We like to think we’ve got the great fortune to have a smart, pleasant young man staffing the desk. It’s either that, or he’s compiling research for his thesis.


    Mr. Reliable

      Gary comes to us from the used-car side of the business where he’s used to rehabilitating countless jalopies that should have been ordered off the road years ago. He’s also Hyde Park Service’s most senior employee. The good news: His decades of experience in the business mean he’s probably seen your car’s problem and fixed it many times. Of course, this only applies if you drive a Packard or a Studebaker. While no one really knows Gary’s age, we did celebrate his birthday recently. He seemed alert, smiled, and had a little piece of cake.



        Dylan is the youngest member of the Hyde Park Service team. What he lacks in experience he more than makes up for with his energy and enthusiasm. The fresh approach he brings to each job lets him wrap his head—and skinny frame—around those obstacles that defeat us older, less flexible car-repair professionals. Please let us know if we’ve inadvertently left him under your dashboard.



          With his degree in engineering, the Mookster gets the toughest jobs. It takes a special guy to tear your car apart down to the last bolt then put it back together. If you’ve ever met him, you know what we mean by “special.”