Just who is Hyde Park Service?

Hyde Park Service is not just one person. It’s a collection of talented, dedicated, and highly-trained automotive professionals.


Boss Man

Founder and proprietor of Hyde Park Service, “Knobby,” or Tom has been an ASE- certified Master Auto Technician since 1987. Although his resume is quite diverse, fixin’ stuff has always been his greatest passion.
Quotable quote: “Like most English majors, I’m just happy to not be flippin’ burgers.”


A cheery lad

    Elliot is a local boy, having grown up in the neighborhood. He attended Lincoln High, and recently became a neighborhood homeowner. Like many other Hyde Park Service employees before him, Elliot comes to us from a non-automotive background: Sociology. We like to think we’ve got the great fortune to have a smart, pleasant young man staffing the desk. It’s either that, or he’s compiling research for his thesis.


    Mr. Reliable

      Many thanks to Gary who retired April 12th. Gary had been with us since 2010. In addition to being a fabulous mechanic, Gary served as a excellent teacher and role model for our younger employees. Gary, and his wife, Pam, plan to leave the city and settle at their lakeside cottage in Warsaw, MO. Always one to keep active, we’re sure he’ll soon turn the little house into a palace, and have the pontoon boat turned into a hot rod. Enjoy your retirement, Gary, you deserve it.


      The Mighty Duck

        Drake is the youngest member of the Hyde Park Service team, but perhaps our best student. No one in recent memory has advanced from assistant oil changer to full-on mechanic in such a short time. He has a good mind, and he’s anxious to put it to use solving your automotive problems.



          As you may know, Alan MacMillan died suddenly July 5th. A long-time KC resident, he made quite an impact on the old-car community. He was always the first-call if a problem arose with the oldest and rarest vehicles. A great supporter of the Kansas City Ballet, a charitable fund has been established in his name to support the organization.


          Joe Co

            Josef, our most recent addition to the Hyde Park Service crew, is a grad of Pittsburg State’s auto repair program. He cut his technician’s teeth in the auto-electric end of the business. Given the ever-increasing complexity of today’s vehicles, his special set of skills is invaluable when it comes to tracking down those electric gremlins in your car. We are happy to have him with us.